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About us

 “Clownotto” was founded by a group of under twenty year olds with a shared passion for theatre and clowning who met in a group formed by the well known radio and T.V. script writer Marcello Casco in 1977.

Through him they were able to attend courses  in acting and reciting, acrobatics and clowning with the great Nani Colombaioni. The year 1979 marked a milestone as four of the original group felt the need to form an autonomous group and so founded “Clownotto”.

A valuable collaboration between the new group and the “Teatro di Roma” and  ETI was established which lasted until 1985. During this period two important shows were produced: “Tremontino and the magic word” by Roberto Veller and “The Princess of the mirrors” by Maria Rita Parsi.

They also invented a very successful children’s broadcasting program “Ali Babà and the little genius” which ran for two years (1980 and 1981) for the newly founded broadcasting company GBR in the Italian region of Lazio.  In this period they also toured the Lazio coastal towns with the Maestro Nani Colombaione’s circus.

 In 1986 the need to create and interpret shows and performances outside the usual Circuit became manifest. “Clownotto” continued its course leaving behind the “establishment” of children’s theatre. In this period each member of the group acquired precious experience and the collaboration with scenery designers and theatre directors added to their experience.

From 2007 until the present day further development and new encounters have helped to establish the character of “Clownotto” as it presents itself today.

A group which, treasuring its 30 years of experience in the field of theatre, education and organization is able to create events, shows and projects of great visual impact and of high educational value.

Event in Villa Lais, Piazza Giovanni Cagliero, Roma 9.30 - 12.30 a.m
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