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 "Art is a pause, a meeting of sensibilities” Domenico Cieri Estrada

Clownotto’s  projects and creations aim to provoke an intense emotional response with installations giving strong visual impact, structures that invite you to visit, play with and live, and in this way they allow the activities and meetings that happen within them to be particularly involving.

The places we work in are reinterpreted and used in a new way whilst maintaining their original structure. For example a square may become a magic wood still living in harmony with its surrounding buildings, any space may take on new life and new functions. The scenery, which takes on the function of a synergistic container of the activities which take place inside, aims at being an intense emotional experience in itself.
Clownotto has been using recycled materials for years as we are convinced that education in recycling is also an education in using imagination. The skill to re read an object and so be able to re invent it in a way which responds to an ever increasingly important need.


  • Il bosco
  • Il labirinto
  • La luna
  • La città delle maschere
  • Un mondo di diritti
  • Un giorno da bambini
  • Ulisse miti ed eroi del mare
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